JazPiper’s warranty covers the following items:

JazPiper soundbar unit


Accessories, which include:


Remote control

Power adapter

HDMI cable

AV / Line-out cable


The warranty provides repairing service for the JazPiper soundbar unit, and 1 to 1 exchange for accessories.

Warranty coverage for JazPiper soundbar unit is 1 year, starting from the date of purchase


Warranty coverage for accessories is 3 months, starting from the date of purchase

Any physical and liquid damage is not covered under warranty.


The following accessories are not covered under warranty:

Microphone Type-C charging cable

Microphone Battery

You may contact your reseller for more information. Proof of purchase is also required as a condition for claiming warranty.

We still accept repairs for out-of-warranty units or damages not covered by warranty, but you will have to pay for the repairs.

Any attempts to open or unauthorized modifications on your JazPiper unit will void your warranty.


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