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A new generation of Karaoke

The future of Karaoke awaits
simplicity and elegance has never been this exciting

Advanced Processor

New User Experience

Line-Out Feature

Music License

JazPiper+ is fully legitimate, with approval from.

Simple, yet powerful

The all new JazPiper+ can do everything a traditional karaoke machine does, and more.

Let's compare

JazPiper +


JazPiper+ is everthing in one compact unit,
so there s no more hassle for you when it comes to assembling

JazPiper+ is
more than just
a karaoke box

With its improved performance, the upgraded JazPiper+ does so much more than just letting you sing.

Endless Catalog Of Music

Just pick a song, and sing it

Our regularly updated catalog of music provides you with countlless song choices. Think of any song you’d like, JazPiper+ has it ready for you.

User Interface

We understand that karaoke is best enjoyed with family. That is why we remade our UI with family at heart.

Improved Hardware

The JazPiper+ is upgraded with better memory and storage, so your karaoke experience will be flawlessly smooth, no matter for how long you sing.

Advanced Karaoke Effects Processor

JazPiper+’s unique karaoke effects processor allows you to relive the sensation of a karaoke room, and even change it to how you like it.

Line-out Expandability

The new JazPiper+ now allows you to connect to any active sound system, improving your listening experience.


JazPiper+ uses our very own cloud service to deliver to you a hassle-free experience. No more downloading your own music.

Wooden MDF

A luxurious wooden textured MDF enclosure ensures that the JazPiper+ produces great quality sound by reducing reverbs and vibrations.

Additional Features

Bluetooth 5.0

Hi-fidelity Digital Amplifier

USB Playback

Easy Installation

Plug & Play With 2 Steps

Plug In Power

Connect your JazPiper+ to a power source via the power adapter

Connect To TV

Connect your JazPiper+ to your TV via HDMI cable

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