Frequently Asked Questions

Before I Buy

Yes, an internet connection is required to use most features of the JazPiper, especially the KTV function. An internet speed of 4mbps is recommended for a smooth experience.


The JazPiper can use both Wi-Fi and LAN connection.

Yes, the JazPiper+ has a line-out port for you to connect to other active sound systems. An AV cable is provided with your JazPiper+.

Yes, since the JazPiper+ runs on Android, you may also add your own apps through the Play Store or APK files.

We have a dedicated team working to add songs to the JazPiper cloud database, so our catalogue is always updated regularly.

The JazPiper+ is really simple to setup, simply connect its power adapter to a power socket and to a display with the provided HDMI cable, and its ready for use.

You can purchase JazPiper+ through:

Online on shopping platforms such as Lazada and Shopee.


Retailers who are our authorized dealers and are supplied by us.

PPM is Malaysia’s music copyright license provider, which means that all JazPipers are legal for use since we are approved by PPM.

The JazPiper+ is the improved version of the JazPiper with more features and processing power. Refer to our home page to see the improvements of the JazPiper+.

No. However, being an Android Device, users can install applications such as Youtube, Netflix, Disney+ and etc to watch their favourite TV channels, movies and dramas.

After I Buy

The microphone may require a connection reset, which can be done by holding the two buttons below the power button at the same time until the words “SEL” appear on the microphone screen.

There could be various reasons for why it won’t start and possibly your JazPiper is damaged. Please contact your reseller for more information on repair or warranty.

You may try to resolve the matter by clearing data, which can be done by pressing:


Right 10 times, Down 2 times, Left 2 times and Up 2 times

in a row with your remote. A dialog box will appear confirming your decision to clear data.


* This will clear your personal data in the KTV app, such as playlists and song history. 

This could be caused by a slow internet connection, or the data needs to be cleared (Refer to above on how to clear data).

The song may not be in our database, but you may contact us regarding what song it is and we will update our database as soon as possible.

Questions Related To Line-out Feature

Only active sound systems which have their own amplifiers are supported. Passive sound systems will not work with the line-out feature.

Yes, both audio from your JazPiper unit and microphone will be produced on your active sound system.

Make sure that the volume and microphone volume on your JazPiper are set to a suitable level, and that you have connected to the “AUX” port on your sound system. You may also need to change the Source settings on your sound system.

Yes, simply press the Mute button on your JazPiper remote to silence the JazPiper unit.


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